Is your Business a STAR?

The STAR Workplace Program is designed to recognise and celebrate the achievements of your dedicated and performing employees.

What is a STAR Workplace?

The STAR Workplace Program is introduced when both the Employer and Employees share high levels of satisfaction within the workplace and there exists a clear focus on making strategy happen.

The STAR benchmarking tools identify what really drives strategy within your business and evaluate the following:

  • Strategy Fulfilment
  • Team Satisfaction
  • Actions and Processes for Staff Retention
  • Results of Performance

STAR Workplace Program

Australian workplaces are different. The STAR Workplace Program recognises the different and unique dynamics existing within each business, and enables you and your teams to assess their own workplace results.

The key lies with the satisfaction levels within your business and its employees. This is ultimately what makes your business a STAR. As the people within your business are responsible for its success, you and your teams become the best judge of the business outcomes.

This STAR Workplace methodology is based on research developed by the HR Coach Institute on why some businesses end up with engaged and satisfied employees- whilst others don’t.

How does my business become a STAR Workplace?

Any business, irrespective of its size, can be a STAR. To find out how your business can become one, make contact with us.

Your accredited STAR Workplace facilitator will work with you by reviewing and prioritising the necessary options for Workplace improvement over the next 6 to 12 months.