About Us

image17Clive Bosman

Clive is the Founder of LDM – LeadershipDoesMatter and Director of CoachingsMentor Pty Ltd.

He is an experienced Human Resources practitioner with 30 years of associated broad-based skills gained in several industries in 4 countries, including multi- national companies.

During this time, Clive has been involved in all Human Resources functions including Organisational and Strategic Change Management; Project Management; Training and Development; Employee and Industrial Relations; Workforce Planning; Performance Management; Job Evaluation and Remuneration; Recruitment and Placement; Health and Safety; Employee Diversity; and HR Administration.

Clive has worked alongside all levels of business enterprises, including CEO’s; Managers; Supervisors; Employees; Service Providers; and Union Officials alike.

Clive believes that Leadership is everything within any business enterprise, and is passionate about coaching and mentoring leaders – finding the best solution for businesses to improve their profitability, and has first hand experience of holding down several Leadership positions in various life roles..

Consequently, Clive offers a range of skills: including analytical and strategic assessment; coaching and mentoring; effective communication; mature judgement and decision making prowess across all levels.