Products and Services

LDM is able to provide a full range of Business and  Leadership solutions for your enterprise, irrespective of its size – from the recruitment of staff; setting up staff systems; assessing performance; developing staff, to providing advice and developing leadership programs.



Furthermore, CoachingsMentor is able to assist you and your enterprise in:

  •  Payroll Activities;
  •  Occupational Health and Safety and Audits;
  •  Staff Selection and Recruitment;
  •  Job Evaluation;
  •  Chief Financial Officer Centre;
  •  HR Success and E learning;
  •  Work Cover Investigation and Forensic Audits;
  •  Reward and Grow initiatives;
  •  Personal Growth and Development;
  •  Employment Relations/Industrial Relations and Enterprise Bargaining Agreements.

Kindly make contact with us, and we will endeavour to meet your specific needs.